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Human resources recruitment
  • Recruitment (Nationally and internationally):

We provide expert recruitment services for all types of recruitments. We assist recruit talented and skilled candidates to help our clients achieve their business success. We help meet the talent needs of our valued clients as well as recruit by saving money and time.

International recruitment step by step

Step  1: Client inquiry

Step  2: Confirmation of job order

Step  3: Sourcing

Step  4: Short listing

Step  5: Interview process

Step  6: Final selection & employment confirmation

Step  7: Medical examination, embassy appointment & submission for visa

Step  8: Visa stamping

Step  9: Immigration clearance

Step10: Special orientation

Step11: Deployment

Step12: Deployed candidates assessment report


  • Education consultancy service:

Worker management service Bangladesh student consultancy firm provides to the students for going to study in abroad from Bangladesh. It provides all the services to the students who want to go to abroad for education from the first stage to the last stage of going abroad. It ensures the students a smooth and easy process for going to abroad that they can enjoy the process. This firm is always at the side of the students for any kind of service regarding going to abroad for study.

  • Visa Processing Assistance:

Worker management service Bangladesh visa agency in Bangladesh works for the service of ‘Visa Assistance’ or in another words ‘Visa Processing Service’. When an applicant comes to the stage to face the embassy for visa process. Worker management service Bangladesh helps to support that applicant from all kinds of angle.

  • Travel assistance:

Worker management service Bangladesh has very good relation with reliable travel agencies, they will arrange a complete solution of travel from ticketing to airport transfer and temporary hotel accommodation in the foreign country, until your hostel/ accommodation problem is done.

Worker management service Bangladesh has feelings for the applicant who are really going to leaving the country for their final destination may have no of doubts regarding multitude aspects. So, we arrange such briefings, seminars and workshops to get proper explanation of these queries. These seminars, workshops are very interactive networking opportunity for the applicant to be confident to face the reality and other related incidents.